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hiking in Tatras
hiking the Tatra National Park


There are 275 km of marked tourist trails located in the Tatra National Park (the park was established in 1954 and covers an area of 21,197 hectares), with various degrees of difficulty from very easy to extremely difficult ones, fitted with safety equipment, such as chains, iron steps or rope ladders. The various colors (yellow, red, blue, green and black), the trails are marked with, don't indicate the degree of difficulty, but they help to identify the individual route in the open area.
A ticket to the Tatra National Park costs 5 PLN (2,50 PLN for kids).

  • On the territory of Tatra National Park walking is allowed on marked tourist routes only!
  • Organized groups of more then 10 people hiking on the territory of Tatra National Park should be guided by a licensed mountain guide. Book your Tatra Guide here >>>
  • Camping in the Tatra National Park is not allowed. The only possibility of accommodation in the Tatra Mountains is accommodation in one of the eight shelters. Here you will find a list of them: shelters in Polish Tatra Mountains
Our suggestions: try to start your hiking early morning (around 8.00 am or even earlier in August) to avoid walking in the crowds. Don't forget a rucksack with some drink, food and a jumper and waterproof jacket.
Add the emergency number of Tatra Mountain Rescue Team +48 601 100 300 to your mobile phone memory!
Notice please that even Tatra Mountains seems to be very small (one can climb the highest summit Rysy in 6 hours) many routes are very difficult.

Hello, Few months ago you gave me information regarding hiking in Tatras. It was really handy info and I had one of the best trips ever. Tatras are astonishing. I really appreciate your help.

Best wishes,Ott Linnamagi

Tourist tracks in Tatra National Park

Climbing the highest peaks is not necessary to enjoy the views - on the picture below
you can see a panoramic view from Nosal (1.206 masl, 2 hours walk from the centre of Zakopane)
scenic view from Nosal
This scheme of the tourist tracks (owned by Tatra National Park) should help you to plan your hiking:
Tourist tracks in Tatra National Park